Working in the creative industry for almost a decade, Kenta Chai decided to start an independent graphic design practice Kenta.Works in August 2018. Kenta was the co-founder of Nowornever Design, Kuala Lumpur (2014–2018), as well as an invited guest lecture for Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur (2017).

Kenta worked on a multiplicity of praised endeavours including art exhibitions, spatial design, art publication, visual identity, fine packaging, and art direction. From an inception to final form, Kenta pursuing bespoke design experience for clients. Noteworthy clients include Ilham Gallery, A+ Works of Art.

Kenta is the driving force for a Facebook page—Kuwakenta Collection—sharing timeless aesthetic and design inspiration since 2012. He also experimenting visual aesthetic and collecting beautiful words through digital platform—Instagram.

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