Kenta aka KuwaKenta a trained graphic designer—likes to work in different fields of graphic design and enjoys working with people that are as passionate in what they do. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, He’s specialised in art direction, identity, editorial and environmental graphic projects.

In the past, Kenta worked in one of the renowned design studios for more than five years, actively involved in numerous projects for both cultural and commercial, simultaneously working closely with notable property developer, corporate client, art specialist, editors and artist. He is also the driving force behind the facebook page: KuwaKenta Collection sharing aesthetics value and inspiration.

Kenta was the co-founder and partner of NOWORNEVER Design, Kuala Lumpur. Work closely with the clients, strive to experiment in the pursuit of progressive design experience.

BLK C7 #303
Wangsa Maju Sec 2
53300 Kuala Lumpur

kenta (at)
+60 17 5189 371

Find him at
Instagram, TumblrCargocollective or Pinterest

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